Special Edition Leaders - Revista del Sábado

Luz Briceño selected one of the 100 leaders this year for their creativity in fashion.

Trienalle de Diseño Exhibition / Milan

Selected with Monarch and Bravo Diseño brands, representing Chile with the concept of “Designing with Copper”.

Copper collection exhibition / Rooms - Tokyo

Together with a group of brands of Moda Chile (Fashion Designers Association from Chile), the latest collection JEWEL COPPER KNITTING was exhibited at the Chilean Pavilion at Rooms, Tokyo.

Latin Trends Runway 2014 / Distrito de Lujo - Parque Arauco

Some latin-american brands from México, Argentina, Brasil and Chile, like Pineda Covalin, Evangelina Bomparola, Lenny Niemeyer, María Cher, La Joya Design among others, took part in the international fashion runway in Santiago.